Advantages and development of small inflatable event tent

Advantages and development of small inflatable event tent

            small inflatable event tent is a kind of tent, mainly used for moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, wind-proof, sun-proof, emergency rescue and disaster relief. The small inflatable event tent uses the principles of structural mechanics to design the frame, and uses the characteristics of gas pressure to expand the airbag to form a rigid column. The strength of the frame material used in the tent can be set to load the tent. The performance of the polymer coating determines the service life of the frame and the maintenance of the frame's rigidity; the rationality of the air chamber setting determines the support limit of the frame.
           Advantages of small inflatable event tent:

            Small inflatable event tent has the characteristics of light weight, small size, simple and quick to build and disassemble. The tent can be inflated within 3-10, and the tent can be disassembled within 15 minutes in the case of 1-2 people. In this way, it can be used quickly in case of emergency, saving a lot of precious time. Small inflatable event tent can also be added with cotton and lining, so that it can keep warm. In addition, small inflatable event tents can be delivered by airdrop if they are unable to be delivered in a bad environment during transportation.
           Development of small inflatable event tent:

           1. Small inflatable activity tent can be used in fire fighting. During the fire rescue, the fire ruthlessly burned our homes. At this time, fire officers and soldiers can transfer homeless friends to small inflatable event tents. The small inflatable event tents for disaster relief can be built quickly and temporarily, and they are insulated and safe. Very strong, so that you can temporarily give them a home.
Inflatable event tent
            2. Small inflatable event tent can be used in wedding banquets. In life, most people now like to build small inflatable event tents on the wedding banquet to complete their wedding banquet, which is both romantic and economical, so that the wedding is no longer monotonous.

           3. Small inflatable event tent can also be used in outdoor tourism. Generally, tourists will inevitably sleep in the wild, but the small inflatable event tent used for camping has the characteristics of light weight, small size, high tensile strength, good air tightness, and convenient carrying. This makes it easy for tourists to travel.

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