Advertising effects of inflatable event tent

Advertising effects of inflatable event tent


Advertising effects of inflatable tents for event and games

Starting with a fresh and romantic start and ending with joy and praise, the Beijing Winter Olympics, as the first global sports event to be held as scheduled in more than two years since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, has brought warmth and hope to people from all over the world in the cold winter of the epidemic, and also brought warmth and hope to the people of all countries. A troubled world has infused a precious force of peace and solidarity.
On February 20, at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, when "China Red" and "Ice and Snow Blue" collided and intertwined, Chinese romance struck the heartstrings of the world again, and the Beijing Winter Olympics handed over the wonderful symbiosis of harmony answer sheet. From conveying the Olympic spirit with a snowflake to expressing farewell with a willow, "together to the future", this is the slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics and a sincere invitation from China; the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics is China's success , and the success of the whole world. As some foreign media commented, "Maybe one day, when the world returns to normal, we will remember the Beijing Winter Olympics as the starting point for the return. We will think that holding the Winter Olympics as scheduled is the most correct decision."
History will be engraved with this stroke: the Chinese train "Fuxing" once stopped at the "2022 Beijing Winter Olympics" station, shed the warm and healing sunshine, watered the bright flowers of human unity, and brought winter surprises and spring hopes to the world. 

The various games held in the Winter Olympics greatly enhance the influence of the host country and its sponsors. Just as our inflatable advertising products can also bring the best advertising effects to competition events and advertising promotions.

our inflatable event tent can be full printed your logos and shining in the crowd with the LED system. We have a professional team of designers.We can provide customers with the 3D model which can help better understand the effect of the final products before place the orders. For the materials: we use 400D for the canopy and sidewalls, and 250D for leg frame with bladder inside. which is frame retardant, UV retardant and waterproof.More details,Please click here.

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