Difference between inflatable tent and stand tent

Difference between inflatable tent and stand tent

Because metal tents use iron pipes as supports, their weights are relatively large, which inevitably brings trouble to transportation and movement. Especially the larger the tent area, the more brackets are used, and as the area of ​​the tent increases, the load-bearing demand is greater, which results in an increase in the bearing capacity of the bracket and the corresponding wall thickness. Iron pipes, the weight of the tent is even greater.
Inflatable tents, because of the air column structure on the frame, are lighter in weight than ordinary metal-supported tents with ordinary iron pipe support structures, which is relatively easy to transport.

In the same tent volume, tents with a metal support structure cannot be freely packed due to the existence of the iron pipe support; and the general length of the iron pipe support is too long, so that smaller vehicles will not be able to fit in, so that they are transported in In this case, relatively large vehicles must be used.

Inflatable tents, because of the use of an air column frame, can be folded freely after the air column is deflated; this design allows the tent to be folded freely after use, occupying only a small volume, and can be easily placed in a small home Inside the vehicle. Very easy and convenient to transport.

For erection and dismantling, tents with metal supports need to be erected by many people, and the erection time is longer, and the larger the tent, the more personnel are required, and the longer the time is consumed. Relatively speaking, the erection of inflatable tents seems very convenient. You only need to lay the tent on the open ground, connect the foot pump or electric pump, and only one person can complete the erection in a few minutes. The same is true when dismantling. The removal and packing of metal brackets requires more people and takes longer. When dismantling an inflatable tent, it is only necessary to let it deflate naturally, and the air column can be packed together. If there is a suction pump, the removal of the inflatable tent will be faster.

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