How to choose an inflatable sofa that suits you

How to choose an inflatable sofa that suits you

Compared with traditional sofas, inflatable sofas are more unique and novel, and they are very suitable for field trips and outings. So how much do you know about inflatable sofas? How to choose an inflatable sofa that suits you?

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Types of inflatable sofas:

1. Flocking inflatable sofa

The experience of using flocked inflatable sofas is closer to that of ordinary sofas, and the surface feels comfortable after flocking.

2. Electric inflatable sofa

When you don't want to use the electric inflatable sofa, you can put the air out and put it away. It won't take up too much space, but the noise is louder when it is inflated.

3. Manually inflatable sofa

Manually inflatable sofas need to be operated manually, which is relatively troublesome. The inflating time takes about 10 minutes.

Precautions for purchase:

Choosing the right size that fits the human body not only helps to save energy, but also helps to relax emotions, eliminate fatigue, and improve health. Attention should be paid to visual factors such as the shape and color of the inflatable sofa to satisfy people's psychological comfort.

According to the size of the apartment and personal needs, choose a single inflatable sofa, a double inflatable sofa or a three-person inflatable sofa. The small apartment can be used as an inflatable sofa or a two-person inflatable sofa, while the large one can choose a three-person inflatable sofa.

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