How to choose the fabric of inflatable X tent?

How to choose the fabric of inflatable X tent?

         How to choose the fabric of inflatable X tents? Generally speaking, most of the fabrics of inflatable tents are silver-coated materials. This kind of fabrics are UV-proof and can be used for leisure inflatable tents.

         If the waterproof coating is chosen, although PVC is good in water resistance, it will be hard, brittle and easy to crease and break in winter, but the PU coating can not only overcome the defects of PVC, but also have a good waterproof effect.

         Polyester is thin and light, with high strength, good elasticity, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for climbers and campers, while the Oxford cloth is thick, but relatively heavy, suitable for camping or small groups.
Some ultralight inflatable tents are relatively popular. Unlike previous nylon and polyester fabrics coated with PU layers, the waterproofing principle is different. It uses silicon technology coating, which is much lighter in weight, but it will be much more expensive. .

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