How to maintain Inflatable event tent to extend its service life?

How to maintain Inflatable event tent to extend its service life?

         How can the inflatable event tent be durable? How to extend the life of inflatable event tent?
         1. For the newly purchased inflatable event tent, in order to have a comfortable feeling and want to be safer, take waterproof measures again. Apply another layer of suture glue to the waterproof suture glue of the tent.
         2. Keep the inflatable event tentas dry as possible. After the outdoor trip, hang up the tent to air dry. If the tent is a bit dirty, refresh it gently with cold water, but do not use too much force, and do not use chemical lotions, otherwise it will damage the waterproof membrane on the surface of the fabric, which will reduce the waterproof effect of the tent.

         3. If the inflatable event tentbecomes moldy, its waterproofness will be destroyed. So if the tent is moldy, use a sponge with a little detergent and gently brush it away, but don't brush it too hard.
         4. When camping in the wild, try to choose a flat ground, and remove all the protrusions around the camp, so as to avoid the uncomfortable feeling on the back when sleeping, and to prevent the tent from being punctured. Prepare additional ground cloth and spread the ground cloth under the tent (both inside and outside the tent), but you can keep the tent clean by putting it outside.
 Inflatable event tent
         5. When entering the inflatable event tent, put your shoes on the outside and don't put them in. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage the fabric strength of the tent. If there is no shade to block the tent in the camping place, a rain cloth can be set up to cover the sun, so as to prevent the sun from getting into the tent.

        6. When building an inflatable event tent, it is best to use camp nails to fix the tent on the ground. Although many tents do not require camp nails, the power of nature is unfathomable, so for safety reasons, fix the camp nails. on the ground. Make sure that the ventilation of the tent is smooth, because when you sleep at night, your body's sweat and exhalation will increase the air humidity in the tent. If four people sleep in a tent at night, one liter of water can accumulate in one night, so if the tent is not well ventilated, the sleeping bags and sleeping pads of the four people must be wet in the morning.

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