How to use inflatable air tent and matters needing attention

How to use inflatable air tent and matters needing attention

       The inflatable air tent is lighter in weight, smaller in size, and very convenient to transport than traditional tents. Most of its advantages and performance are superior to traditional tents. Especially in terms of erection and use, it is not a little simpler than traditional tents, but very convenient. The following briefly describes the use of inflatable air tent and precautions.
         The use of inflatable air tent is very simple, whether it is a large or small inflatable air tent, it only needs 1-2 people to complete the construction and disassembly. Using a high-pressure air pump, an inflatable air tent of about 100 square meters can be built in 15 minutes, and the appearance is atmospheric, suitable for various outdoor activities.
         When building an inflatable air tent, first disassemble the wrapped inflatable air tent, then lay it flat on the flat ground, and take out the accessories inside, such as: electric air pump, ground tent, drawstring, maintenance kit. Then find the inflation valve on the inflatable air tent column and use the air pipe connector of the electric inflatable pump to connect the inflatable valve and turn on the electric inflatable pump switch to inflate the inflatable pump.
inflatable air tent
        When the inflatable air tent is fully standing (large inflatable air tents generally have two inflatable valves, check whether the other inflatable valve is tightened when inflating, otherwise the phenomenon of inflating while deflating will occur). For safety reasons, it is recommended to fix the inflatable air tent with a nail pull cord.

         The inflatable air tent is very simple to set up, and it is not difficult to disassemble. You only need to remove the anchor rope first, then unscrew the inflation valve of the inflatable air tent, and deflate naturally until the tent collapses. It is normal that there is some air in it that is difficult to discharge, but it is also necessary to completely discharge the air. Just connect the air pipe of the electric air pump to the deflation valve, and completely extract the air inside. The inflatable air tent is folded and packed.

         Of course, there are many other precautions for inflatable air tents. Remembering these precautions will extend the service life of inflatable air tents. Before setting up an inflatable air tent, you must carefully observe the terrain, pay attention to the rolling stones, rolling logs and weathered stones on the campsite, and remember to clean it up before setting up the camp. Don't set up tents on river banks and dry riverbeds during the rainy season. In order to prevent lightning strikes, do not set up tents on top of mountains or in open fields. When setting up a tent in mud or sand, you can dig drainage ditches around to ensure the dryness of the ground in the tent.

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