Ideal inflatable event tent for Outdoor Event

Ideal inflatable event tent for Outdoor Event


inflatable event tent

A tent is a wide space that is propped on the ground to shield from wind, rain, sunlight and provide rest. The inflatable tent is a kind of tent, which is composed of the main air column frame and the tent cover. The main air column adopts the design principle of structural mechanics, and uses the gas pressure characteristics to expand the airbag to form a rigid column to support the entire tent. , once inflated, it can be used all the time. The inflatable tent is very convenient to use as long as it is inflated through the air inlet of the inflatable tent and the equipped inflatable facility, and the safety valve can be used to improve the safety of the tent. The tent has the characteristics of light body, small size after folding, convenient and easy to carry and so on.


the advantages of inflatable event tent

At present, inflatable tents are widely used and have been used in military, medical, disaster relief, camping, short-term field training and other occasions. The benefits brought are as follows:

1. The construction and disassembly packaging time is fast, saving time and effort. The forming speed of the inflatable tent is also the fastest among all tents, saving time and effort is one of the biggest advantages of the inflatable tent.

2. Rainproof and waterproof, the waterproof effect of the inflatable tent is also the best among all tents. Because the outer tarpaulin of the inflatable tent is a whole, the fabric itself has a waterproof coating, and 100% of the fabric sewing interface has been heat-sealed with a waterproof tape, which can ensure that the produced inflatable tent is 100% rainproof and waterproof.

3. Safe and durable, the inflatable tent can withstand quite astonishing wind. The larger the inflatable tent, the stronger the wind force it can withstand. In the case of the eighth-level strong wind, the banquet inflatable tent of more than 70 square meters can also withstand. Even the smallest The 3-square-meter inflatable tent can also withstand wind level 6.

4. Splicing use, inflatable tents can not only be used individually, but also can be spliced ​​together, which not only expands the space for the number of people, but also does not make people feel crowded.

5. Flame retardant, all materials used in inflatable tents have the remarkable characteristics of flame retardant and anti-aging.

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