Inflatable Camping Tent For Picnic

Inflatable Camping Tent For Picnic

CATC Inflatable Glamping Tent

Can't wait to turn your regularcamping life into a glamping experience? These 6 simple tips might help you do so!
1. Plan for plenty of room. Choose a spacious glamping tent is the first step of fun!
2. Choose your sleeping setup carefully. Depending on the style you are planning, select warm and comfy bedding.
3. Don't be afraid to decorate your glamping tent.
4. Bring your favorite snacks and glamp deliciously.
5. Play some tunes to build up the ambiance.
6. Invite the outdoorsy to your glamping trip!

lf you haven't gone glamping this year, grab your glamping gear and get out there before it gets colder.

People: 2 -4 People
Storage: 3x2.1x2m
Weight: About 25KG

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