inflatable pillar

inflatable pillar

The inflatable pillar adopts CATC's original airtight system, and a safety valve is added at the bottom of the column to protect the column when it is inflated. At the same time, it adopts a two-layer structure, the inner layer is TPU inner bladder, and the outer cover is 420D.

This product has the following advantages:

First:it only needs to be inflated once. After the column is full of air, it can stay stable for 1 month without obvious air leakage.

Second: The unique airtight system can ensure the life of the product and make inflation more convenient and safe. You can click here to see more.

Third: It's modular, the outer cover of the column can be replaced. It's more cost-effective for different activities. You can click here to view the replacement steps.

Fourth: It's easily to carry to your events. We use special and convenient packaging method.  The SBS zippers are added to the top and bottom of the column, when packing, we can easily zip it up and complete the package.More details, please click here.

Fifth: We use the led system and add led lights at the bottom, so that the column can stand out in the dark night or in the crowd. How to set up the legs? 


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