Introduction to the use of inflatable air tent

Introduction to the use of inflatable air tent

Many people know very little about inflatable air tent and do not know what the inflatable air tent is for.

Used for medical rescue: Influenza is raging and hospital beds are in short supply. At this time, building a fast, full-featured, and convenient inflatable air tent has played a big role at this time! In addition, the emergence of the positive pressure inflatable collection room and the negative pressure inflated detection room has brought good news to the sampling staff, improved their working environment, and at the same time improved their detection capabilities! In this battle, inflatable air tent are indispensable!

Used for military outdoor exercises: In military exercises, inflatable air tent also play a key role. At this time it is mainly used for military command operations, military camps and field camps with shielded tents.

Used in disaster relief scenes: In various disaster relief scenes, inflatable disaster relief tents play a big role. They can relocate important supplies for the victims later and can be used as temporary homes for the victims. In addition, the disaster relief inflatable air tentcan also be used for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency medical treatment, and disaster relief materials transfer and storage.

Used for commodity display: In the outdoors, inflatable air tent are also commonly used as exhibition halls. They not only provide a place for the exhibits to shelter from wind and rain, but also create more attractive fashion elements and spaces.

For research and study travel: In recent years, research and study travel has become more and more popular, setting off a wave of enthusiasm across the country, and driving traditional travel agencies to start a transformation model, starting to launch in a camping + study tour model! The emergence of study tents with complete configuration functions, comfortable accommodation, warm interior decoration, and all-in-one supporting equipment makes it unnecessary for students to carry heavy camping equipment, and no longer have to endure the hardships of wind, meals and sleep, so that parents can rest assured , So that students can have a better state to learn.

Used for wedding banquets: Everyone desires a romantic wedding. The emergence of inflatable air tent can be used to build wedding venues outdoors to create an unforgettable outdoor romantic wedding!

For mobile hotels: outdoor camping hotel inflatable air tent, secret and peaceful, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and charm of nature at night!

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