Knowledge about inflatable air tent

Knowledge about inflatable air tent

Many people know very little about inflatable air tent. Here are some knowledge about inflatable air tent.

Inflatable air tent belong to a kind of tent design frame that adopts the principle of structural mechanics. The airbag is expanded to form a rigid column by using the characteristics of gas pressure, and the frame of the tent is supported by an organic combination. It has the functions of moistureproof, waterproof, windproof, dustproof, sunscreen, etc. It is mainly used for rescue and disaster relief, short-term training in the field, and short-term combat in the field.

The inflatable air tent is produced by the process of combining adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat bonding. The air column is made of PVC double-sided coated cloth, and the tarpaulin is made of waterproof and anti-ultraviolet materials. It has fast forming, high strength, flame-proof, mildew-proof, and ultraviolet , Moisture-proof and other advantages. The tent is an inflatable air tent, and the tent frame is an air column structure. Compared with the general metal bracket tent, it has the characteristics of light weight, small volume after folding, and easy to carry.

The erection of the inflatable air tent is convenient. Choose a place with a flat ground, then open the package, spread the inflatable tent flat on the ground, start inflating with an air pump or a foot pump, stand at the four corners, and pull the rope to prevent the focus from being unbalanced. Stand up until it is well supported. Then anchor the ground and tighten the wind rope. When the inflatable air tent is dismantled, it only needs to be deflated naturally, or it can be pumped by an electric charging and discharging pump.

Compared with ordinary metal bracket tents, inflatable air tent have advantages, such as light weight and small size. Moreover, its erection and dismantling are simple, and no more manpower and time are wasted, and it is very suitable for rapid response to emergencies. When the environment cannot be delivered, the inflatable tent can also be airdropped.

The construction and disassembly are relatively simple and quick. You can install or disassemble in a short time to save your precious time; the inflatable air tent uses high-quality pvc waterproof canvas for better heat preservation, tear resistance, good tensile strength, and aging resistance Good and long service life.

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