Need to know the unpopular knowledge about inflatable tents?

Need to know the unpopular knowledge about inflatable tents?

       Inflatable tents need to prevent artillery battles and other items from being fired at short distances. The general distance is 10 meters away. Pay attention to some powerful flammable and explosive products. In summer, when using an inflatable tent, you need to open the pressure relief valve cover to avoid excessive pressure. The pressure of direct sunlight will rise. The pressure set by the pressure relief valve through the tent will automatically release pressure.

       The quick inflation port is generally used to inflate the tent quickly. After the inflation is completed, pay attention to the black valve cap. Do not twist it hard, otherwise air leakage will occur.
inflatable tent
       When the tent is deflated, all windows need to be opened in advance to prevent deflation from taking a ride at the same time, dislocation of the adhesive tape, and avoiding damage to the tent itself next time it is used.

       If the tent zipper is stuck or cannot be pulled, you can gently pull it a few times. Do not pull hard to avoid zip damage. You can regularly apply some candles on the teeth of the zipper for maintenance.

       Tent wind protection problem, normal use of 7-8 wind is no problem, but precautions should be done in advance, wind ropes, ground anchors, these need to be pulled well, as far as possible in the absence of wind, it is also necessary to pull up, this is In order to avoid an instant wind, it is too late to take precautions.

        If the air pump is inflated normally, the switch cannot be used. This is because the automatic temperature control of the air pump has been opened. You only need to wait a few minutes. This is normal. If it is used in direct sunlight in summer, In the case, you can use it above the air pump in advance.

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