Precautions for the use of inflatable air tent

Precautions for the use of inflatable air tent

the inflatable air tent frame is an air column structure. Compared with the general metal bracket tent, it has the characteristics of light weight, small volume after folding, and easy to carry. inflatable air tent, whether large or small, can be built by 1-2 people. Using the high-pressure air pumps that match the inflatable air tent, an inflatable air tent of about 100 square meters can be set up in 15 minutes. The appearance is atmospheric and the product itself is creative. High-end, so it is suitable for various outdoor activities, residential and other aspects.


1. Before setting up an inflatable tent, you must carefully survey the terrain. There should be no rolling stones, rolling logs and those weathered stones above the camp.

2. Do not set up tents near the river bank or on the dry river bed during the rainy season.

3. To prevent lightning strikes, do not set up the inflatable air tent on the top of a mountain or in an open field; when installing on mud or sand, you can dig drainage ditches around the tent to ensure that the ground in the tent is dry.

4. During the inflatable air tent construction period, it is recommended to be on high ground, and the surrounding area should be buried with mud. If possible, it can be pressed with bricks to prevent strong wind and rain.

The frame-type inflatable air tent is in the form of an air column frame, and the airbag is made of high-frequency heat-sealing of PVC coated cloth. The electric pump or pedal pump can be inflated quickly to form. The side wall of the integral inflatable air tent and the awning cover are combined into an arch, and the two ends of the interlayer can open the doors and windows as required to form a special tent with integral inflatable heat insulation and sound insulation; it has high rigidity, strong stability, sound insulation, heat preservation, fast forming and recycling speed, etc. Features. The construction and disassembly are relatively simple and quick. It can be installed or disassembled in a short time to save your precious time; if you add cotton and lining, the thermal insulation will be better.

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