The Advantages of Inflatable Structures

The Advantages of Inflatable Structures

The Advantages of Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures have become quite popular as of late. But why? What has made this market blow up? (Pun intended.) We like to think that people are just starting to realize how advantageous these structures are as compared to your usual event tents or canopies. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, product launch, trade show or service launch, here are just a few reasons why inflatable structures will make your event that much more memorable.

1) Inflatables Make You Memorable!
Piggybacking off the point above, it’s true that inflatables will make you and your product/service/event stand out more.  Whatever the event, it’s big enough that you want people to remark on it for days, weeks, or even months into the future.  A memorable inflatable will do that.  Plus, you can customize it to your brand or product, which will really make it stand out to your customers and prospects.

2) They Are Multifaceted and Comfortable.
The beauty behind these structures is that they come in many shapes and sizes.  So whatever event you’re hosting, you’re guaranteed it will accommodate your customers/guests.  Some are equipped to hold stages, dining areas, conference-style seating and lounge seating.  Rest assured everyone will be right at home.

3) You Never Have to Worry About the Weather.
Bad weather can make or break an event.  We’ve all been in those situations and to say you’re not going to enjoy yourself is an understatement.  Inflatable structures take away that worry.  Whether it’s hot sun, wet rain, or freezing snow, everyone at your event will be comfortable and safe in your inflatable structure.

4) They’re Sturdy.
Inflatables were built to last.  From their sturdy material to their ingenious construction, these structures will hold up at any event.  Between all the people milling around to the elements outside, you will never have to worry that your inflatable won’t be able to withstand the strain.

5) They’re Easy to Assemble.
Whether you do it yourself or hire out for assemblage, inflatables are easy to set up and de-rig.  Very little work is involved and takes little to no time to set up.

6) Logos and Colors are Customizable.
Especially if you’re going to a trade show or event where you’re going to be selling your service or product, this is a wonderful feature to have.  Your inflatable can be custom made to make your product stand out from the crowd.  Whatever your logo or colors are, you can rest assured that people will take notice of you.

7) You Can Rent or Purchase an Inflatable.
If you need an inflatable structure for a one-time deal, like a wedding or anniversary party, renting one is probably the way to go.  However, if you’re a business that does a lot of trade shows and events, making the investment is a wise idea. It will be much cheaper to purchase an inflatable than to rent one out every time you go to an event.  This will save you money in the long run.

8) They’re Fun!
With todays technology, there isn’t much that can’t go into an inflatable.  From LED lights to Christmas lights, these structures can really blow the minds of your customers with just a few special touches.

We may be slightly biased when it comes to inflatable structures and all their wonderful uses, but if we’re being honest here, they really are the wave of the future. And as the market continues to grow, so will your competitors. Now is the time to stand out from the crowd and show your openness to different ways of thinking.

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