The correct use of inflatable air tent

The correct use of inflatable air tent

Inflatable air tent are actually the same as tents. They both use various frame structures and some basic mechanics. The only difference is that inflatable air tent are constructed by inflating the tent, and it can be used forever as long as it is inflated once. Because of the manufacturing materials and structural principles of inflatable air tent, and they are light and easy to carry, they are widely used in various aspects such as disaster relief, field training and camping.

inflatable air tent

1. Advantages

Compared with inflatable air tent, because the inflatable air tent is used after being inflated, it can be folded up when not in use. The weight is very small and easy to carry, which is a very big advantage. Inflatable air tent are very convenient and quick to build and disassemble, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and are very suitable for use in emergencies. In case of severe weather conditions, ordinary tents cannot be quickly transported to the place where they are needed, but inflatable tents can be transported by special means such as airdrops.

2. Matters needing attention

When using an inflatable air tent, in order to prevent equipment damage, you must be careful when using it. When setting up an inflatable tent in some mud and sand environment, in order to prevent the tent from being wet and uninhabitable, it is best to dig some drainage ditches in the open space next to the tent.

Due to the special nature of the inflatable air tent material, if you have to live and cook in the tent in case of special circumstances, you must keep the flame away from the surface of the tent or use some flame-isolating materials to block the flame’s attack on the tent, and at the same time, do it well. Prepare to extinguish the flame at any time.

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