The correct way to open an Inflatable arch

The correct way to open an Inflatable arch

The biggest feature of inflatable arches is to build momentum, which is an irreplaceable advertising role in the process of brand building and promotion, and it is easy to form a grand and lively event scene. Its appearance amplifies people's infinite imagination of products, mobilizes people's curiosity, and provokes people's shopping desire. Deepen people's understanding of product image and brand, and pray for better publicity effect.
Inflatable arches are also known as rainbow doors. Inflatable arches are the preferred outdoor advertising media for opening celebrations and various expositions, trade fairs and other events. The conventional length of the inflatable arch is 6 to 25 meters, and there are various conventional colors and shapes. The top of the arch can be printed and painted. Comes with buckles, sandbags, custom designs, etc.
The inflatable arch is an inflatable product made of PVC plastic material, PVC mesh material and Oxford fabric inflatable product, generally refers to the inflatable product made of PVC mesh material and Oxford fabric. The inflatable products of PVC material are made by high-frequency machine or hot air blower. The inflatable products of PVC sandwich material and Oxford fabric are sewn by sewing equipment. The former is inflated with air pump and other inflatable equipment at one time and sealed with air plug. , the latter is formed by installing a built-in or external electric hair dryer and other inflatable equipment to continuously inflate.

    Features of inflatable arch 1. The product is light in weight, easy to carry and comfortable to use

                      2. Reusable and easy to clean

                      3. Convenient and firm vent design is easy to inflate and deflate

                      4. After the product is deflated and folded, it can save a lot of space and is easy to store

  How to properly raise an inflatable arch

    1. First, fix the power cord so that there is no obstacle in opening and closing the store door;

    2. Open the arch bag, unfold the arch, tie the ropes to the two rope buckles in front of the arch, and fasten the ropes to the two rope buckles at the back;

    3. Put sandbags in the two feet of the arch respectively;

    4. Blow up the air mold and adjust the position; if it is unstable, please use the ropes on the front and rear rope buckles to fix the arch;

    5. Pay attention to the weather forecast the day before using the arch. If there is wind, you need to prepare a fixed rope and put one more sandbag. If there is a wind above level 6, it is not advisable to blow the arch;

    6. In use, if a pedestrian accidentally touches the power supply and causes the inflatable arch to fall, just plug the power back in again, and the arch can stand up again.

  Maintenance of inflatable arches

    1. Inflatables are afraid of being scratched, just like our clothes, they are also afraid of being scratched and torn in good fabrics. When using the arch, please avoid sharp objects such as branches in the air and iron hooks on communication cables;

    2. It cannot be dragged. When you need to move the inflatable mold, please lift it up and move it first. If it is dragged on the ground, it will be easy to wear after a long time;

    4. There is floating soil on the air mold, which can be cleaned with a broom and other tools. If it is muddy, it can be wiped with a damp cloth.

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