What we do during the Coronavirus coming for CATC outdoor

What we do during the Coronavirus coming for CATC outdoor

What we do during the Coronavirus coming


Now Chinese in a war for the virus, but please keep as normal. At present, the chinese goverment is taking the most powerful measures, and everything is under control. Life is normal in most other parts of China by far, with only a few cities like Wuhan affected. I believe it will all return to normal soon. 

Now the whole country is fighting this battle and as an individual business we also take all necessary measurement to reduce out impact to minimal. 2 things I would like to connunicate with all my clients.

1. We do extra on sterilizing. Although it is known that virus couldn't likely survive in the manufacturing and transportation process, we do understand the publice concern from a perception prospective. All goods are safe, so we don't need to worry anything.

2. We do expect certain level of shipment delay due to the fact that national holiday is officiially extended by goverment in order to reduce opportunity of publicinfection. therefore, out workers could not back to production line as planned. The fact here is that we are not able to extimate how long it takes us to back to business( now the goverment noted all companies start to work in 9th, Feb). However, we promise to ensure visibility to our customer about the situation. I personally will be in touch regardless holidays, so if you have any inquiries, we can contact the details first.

I know this is not quite a solution for you but honestly it is not much we can controlin a natural disaster like this. we trust communication and transparence the best thing we could and will do.

Really thanks for your support and trust all the time.

thanks very much. we believe we can have a nice cooperation in 2020!

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