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Inflatable gazebo tent

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Inflatable tent with maximum internal space
CATC Inflatable gazebo tent  is a great product to connected indoor and outdoor space as an inflatable podium cover, promotional tent ,car exhibition or as a stylish sun shade. A zip-off roof and side walls can be sublimation printed. Enjoy it’s innovative shape and airy design.The canopy of Inflatable gazebo tent is made of wateproof fabric, and the wall is sloped so the efficient usage area is much larger. There is no need to use additional visors, as the internal space is unaffected by rain or sun.
The side wall provides an unprecedented print area,The revolutionary design of the Inflatable gazebo tent guarantees brand experience in a way that will display your printing in everywhere.
Set up your Inflatable gazebo tent without any tools. All you need is an air pump and you’re ready to go.The CATC Inflatable gazebo tent is easily installed by one person in only 15 minutes.
WIND RESISTANT / FIRE-RETARDANT / WATER PROOF Fully capable of any outdoor use scenario

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