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Inflatable promotional tent

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The most cost-effective for outdoor Inflatable Promotional Tent
This Inflatable Promotional Tent is the latest addition to our line of custom inflatable tents. The Air Tent is affordable and features high quality elements, such as an ultra-resistant Dacron frame, and a 400 Dacron, high-quality top for modern presentation of your brand. The Air Tent composition makes it ideal for all types of terrain, so you can take it to all types of events.
The most cost-effective
The prices are incredibly cheap
High quality 
Although the price is good, but the quality is amazing.
Super fast set up 
Unidirectional fast inflating system,Just need 5 min when you need to set up 
Customized printing in canopy and frame 
Print any design or color on your top and select from 5 different colors for the frame or you can customize it with your own design.

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