Tips and Warranty

The Tips and Warrantly

The tips for inflatable products


1.when you received the tents shipped by sea or by air , please check the packages first. To see if the accessories you ordered are correct without missing and mistakes.

2.when you or your client use the tent, make sure valves and over pressure valves are not dropped out from the holes of the tube fabric, please reset them with the Velcro.

3.when you inflate the tent, please make sure the space is big enough for the tent and stretch the frame as flat as possible (make sure the tube is not twisting) do not let anything sharp object to puncture the tent. even better if you can put a mat on the floor to protect the tent from abrasion with the floor.

4.when you setup the tent outside, please use sand bags , stakes, and rope to well anchoring the tents, the large tents can not used without ropes and stakes

The Warranty for inflatable products


We supply one year warrantly!

1. If it is the products itself 100% problem, we supply free parts and free delivery

2. If we use for some time, and with some small problems, we can check if we can supply some free parts or give some discount. For the shipping cost, the clients need to pay it by themselves.

3. If we use for a long time,  and the products some parts damaged very seriousness. You can take some photos to us, and we will send to our professional QC team to check if we can choose to change some parts only, then to reduce the replacing cost. For the products parts and shipping cost, the clients need to pay it by themselves.