Inflatable chair

Inflatable chair

Model: CFC

Size(m):   100x70x80CM

Materials:  Neoprene /  TPU bladder / LED light optional

MOQ:   1 PCS

Warranty: 1 year
Package: Small fabric inside /  Carton box outside

Delivery time: 5~7 days

Products Information

This infatable chair is a lightweight, customizable option. It is nice to use it just as it is, without additional costs. Those who would wish to put a branding on it, may combine dye sublimation printed cover. The cover is attached with zippers, so the different one may be used for each event.

Inflatable chair

What a nice inflatable furniture use it on the campling day outside!

Thanks to its inflatable structure and no solid parts, it is light. After packaged, it is a very small parts, so it is very convenient for us to carry it to every place we want.

This inflatable chair is made of durable polyester and yet is portable and easy to assemble. It is washable up to 30 degrees and, thanks to its UV resistance and low flammability, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The seat is comfortable and the use of our furniture is extremely quiet.

Design the inflatable chair in your design or with your message in the best quality

The very robust material, which consists of a woven polyester, is also used in the kite & canvas industry

The materials details
Outer 2 layers Neoprene
Inflatable chair
Inside TPU bladder
 Valve to inflate and deflate
RGBW Led light optional
How to use the inflatable chair

Inflatable chair
The size information

Inflatable chair

The size information

The product size is 100x80x85cm.
 It is very comfortable when we sit here.

 The package information:

  1. For 1 pcs signgle sofa, the weight is about 4kg
  2. For 1 pcs single sofa, package is 55cmx47cmx61cm, 5pcs

Inflatable chair is made of special high density polyester fabric.
Very stable and safe product, high quality materials.

It is a perfect event solution.
The inflatable chair sets new standards in design and functionality: Curved lines, a timeless shape and hi-tech materials that are also used in sailing. You can also customize the chair with their branding.