Inflatable Event Marquee Tent

Inflatable Event Marquee Tent

Model: CN-3/4/5

Size(m):   4*4m 

Delivery time: 15 days

Materials:  Dacron /  TPU bladder /  0.45mm PVC  tarpaulin
MOQ:   1 SET

Parking: Simple fabric inside /  Carton box outside


Inflatable Event Marquee Tent
Inflatable Event Marquee Tent are available in a wide range of colors and can be heat transfer printed to create the corporate brand impact you need for an impressive event space. Stand out from the crowd, create a lasting and positive can check the video here.



The custom inflatabel canopy is available in a 4m x 4m size. Also we can customize as your request.
the inflatable tunnel tent coms with a handpump and 4 sandbags with the optional extra of an electric pump for fast inflation.

Items Inflatable Event Marquee Tent
Usage advertising, promotion, exhibition, race
Size 4*4m 
MOQ 1pc
Package Carton Box, carry bag
Material 400D Dacron
The Part of Inflatable Event Marquee Tent

Inflatable activity tent exploded view
The material of Inflatable Event Marquee Tent

400D Dacron

400D Dacron

For the roof and sidewall Fabric,it is with Fire-retardant, water-proof.

250D Dacron

250D Dacron

For the leg frame Fabric,it is with Fire-retardant, water-proof.

TPU bladder

TPU bladder

For the inside of the leg cover, it is very envrioment materail.

PVC Dacron

PVC Dacron

Bottom of the leg frame, to keep the tent durable.

Inflatable activity tent color
The structure of Inflatable Event Marquee Tent

inflatable canopy

The structure of Inflatable Event Marquee Tent

It is 1 time inflation.

This inflatable canopy tent is fully customizable and easy-to-set-up only with a eletric pump. So easy, in fact, that it only takes 90 seconds to turn thin air into a highly visible advertisement for your brand, team or cause.

Inflatables are flawlessly designed, durable and unforgettable.
Inflatable shelter is a cool, fun way to showcase your product, services and brand at your next event.

We also offer different accessories such as walls, You can choose single sidewalls, window walls, door walls and awnings to expand your branding with logo printing.

The printing method - Full dye sublimation print (we also call heat transfer printing) 
  • Dye Sublimation offers high-quality printing that is ideal for fully customized pop-up tents and canopies. The greatest benefit of using this style is that it offers high-resolution printing using non-toxic sublimation ink which results in bright, vivid colors giving your end product a phenomenal look. However, the textile must be polyester in white color to guarantee ultimate printing results. 
  • One of the greatest reasons for using digital dye sub is that the ink is directly absorbed onto the textile. There is no delayed time in drying the ink which is ideal for a faster production items.
  • All About the Inks: Dye Sublimation Ink – A water-based ink that made up of solid color dye particles that are grounded into a powder which is later turned into a liquid. Sublimation inks do not produce as many toxins as regular solvent inks, however they are relatively higher in price. Since sublimation inks are transparent, they are limited to only white or light colored materials. They react well to polyesters; however they do not work well on pure cotton or non-porous surfaces.
  • Process: To help you understand this process better, let’s begin by clarifying what Sublimation really is! Sublimation refers to the transition from a solid state into a gaseous state without going through a liquid phase.
The size of Inflatable Event Marquee Tent
3M*3M Inflatable activity tent
3*3m Inflatable Event Marquee Tent
4M*4M Inflatable activity tent
4*4m Inflatable Event Marquee Tent
5M*5M Inflatable activity tent
5*5m Inflatable Event Marquee Tent