Inflatable Party Tent for sale

Inflatable Party Tent for sale

Model: CY-3/4

Size(m):   3*3m /4*4m

400D Dacron /  TPU bladder /  0.45mm PVC  tarpaulin
MOQ:   1 SET
Parking: Simple fabric inside /  Carton box outside

Products Description 

Inflatable Promotional Tent

  inflatable party tent is one of the most famous inflatable item of our range.
This Inflatable Party Tent is the latest addition to our line of custom inflatable tents. The inflatable event Tent is affordable and features high quality elements, such as an ultra-resistant Dacron frame, and a 400 Dacron, high-quality top for modern presentation of your brand. The Air Tent composition makes it ideal for all types of terrain, so you can take it to all types of events.
The most cost-effective
The prices are incredibly cheap
High quality 
Although the price is good, but the quality is amazing.
Super fast set up 
Unidirectional fast inflating system,Just need 5 min when you need to set up 
Customized printing in canopy and frame 
Print any design or color on your top and select from 5 different colors for the frame or you can customize it with your own design.

The parts of Inflatable Promotional tent 

  • Diversified product accessories,all parts can be separated , so it is very convenient if we want to change any parts

Exploded view of inflatable promotional tent

The structure details of airtight Inflatable Promotional Tent

Inflatable promotion tent center structure
The top of the leg frame, it is with zipper to connect
Inflatable promotion tent bottom
Bottom of the leg, it is with wear plate

The printing method - Full dye sublimation print (we also call heat transfer printing)

  • Dye Sublimation offers high-quality printing that is ideal for fully customized pop-up tents and canopies. The greatest benefit of using this style is that it offers high-resolution printing using non-toxic sublimation ink which results in bright, vivid colors giving your end product a phenomenal look. However, the textile must be polyester in white color to guarantee ultimate printing results. 
  • One of the greatest reasons for using digital dye sub is that the ink is directly absorbed onto the textile. There is no delayed time in drying the ink which is ideal for a faster production items.
  • All About the Inks: Dye Sublimation Ink – A water-based ink that made up of solid color dye particles that are grounded into a powder which is later turned into a liquid. Sublimation inks do not produce as many toxins as regular solvent inks, however they are relatively higher in price. Since sublimation inks are transparent, they are limited to only white or light colored materials. They react well to polyesters; however they do not work well on pure cotton or non-porous surfaces.
  • Process: To help you understand this process better, let’s begin by clarifying what Sublimation really is! Sublimation refers to the transition from a solid state into a gaseous state without going through a liquid phase.
The Production Procedures of Inflatable Promotional Tent

Inflatable promotional tent production process
Q: 1. Are you the manufacturer?
 A:    Yes, We are an industry and trade integration company of advertising products for over 10 years.
         We specialize in  inflatable products and other advertising products ,such as inflatable tents, arch, column, furniture and aluminum tent, flag, pop up A frame and so on. you can check it here

Q:  2. Could you provide 3D renderings?
 A:   Yes. you can send us your logofiles(*Vector and PSD artwork is in priority,high resolution picture is available). the free 3D renderings will sent you asap to confirm the orders.You can also make it on our templates. Download the templates here

Q: 3. How to set up and pack the tent?
A: You can check the video by our YouTube Channel:Click here

The size of inflatable party tent

3M*3M Inflatable Promotional Tent

Inflatable party tent size (3m X 3m)

4M*4M Inflatable Promotional Tent

Inflatable party tent size (4m X 4m)

The feature of  Inflatable Party Tent
Inflatable Promotional Tent Inflatable Valve

Inflate / Deflate valve
Fast Inflating valve system with unidirectional air flow for fast set up.

Inflatable promotional tent overpressure valve

Overpressure valve
The valve system will automatically release excess air when the optimum pressure is reached. 

Inflatable promotional tent details

D-ring on the frame
Reinforced anchoring system for securing your tent on different terrains