Inflatable Promotional Tents

Inflatable Promotional Tents

Model: CX-3/4/5

Size(m):   3*3m /4*4m / 5*5m / 6*6m / 7*7m / 8*8m

Materials:  400D Dacron /  TPU bladder /  0.45mm PVC  tarpaulin
MOQ:   1 SET

Warranty: 1 year
Package: Simple fabric inside /  Carton box outside

Delivery time: 5~7 days

Product information

The best product for universal applicable scene
the design idea of the Inflatable Promotional Tents is provide high quality and quickly set-up to the market.
the Inflatable Promotional Tents is the hot-sale tent which 4 legs interconnected by only 1 aluminum post. Require one person to set up with about 5-8 quickly take down. It's easy to pack via packing system and carry with our transport bag.
More details for our carry bag for Inflatable Promotional Tents - Cick here

the product manager will appriciate that to use different brand canopy and sidewalls with one leg frame. All the canopy and sidewalls are reversible and zipped of/on rwith branded YKK zipper.The zip-off roofs, sidewalls, leg frame and the entire inflatable structure can be printed in full color transfer heat printing as you requested.
 Fully capable of any outdoor use scenario

The parts of Inflatable Promotional Tents

  • For the Inflatable Promotional Tents, all parts can be separated , so it is very convenient if we want to change any parts

inflatable event tent

  • Also, For this tent, each size can be connected together as you need, 3m to 4m to 5m to 6m to 7m and to 8m.
 Inflatable EVENT tent connection diagram

Inflatable EVENT tent connection diagram

Modular part and Group

Inflatable Promotional Tents offers an unsurpassed selection of extensions for its event tents.

With our set the CATC event tents come with awning. On request it is possible to use different versions.

By using the awning you cannot only extend the shadow-casting side but also enlarge the printable advertising space.

Tents of various sizes may be connected to cover a larger area and to create an impressive scenery of dome tents.

The Removable Roof offers highest flexibility: With only a minimum of installation work it is possible to take off the canopy
and exchange it with one of a different color.

More about inflatable X tent accessory and separate part 


The Structure of Inflatable Promotional Tents

For the Inflatable Promotional Tents, we have 2 strucures for you choosing. If you have no the request, we choose the 4 inflation structure.
Inflatable EVENT tent details
4 inflation, with the aluminum post only
For this kind structure, four legs are seprated, you need to inflate it 4 times. it will be very easy to set up and lower cost for changable the leg parts.
Inflatable EVENT tent LED
Both led light and led bar optional
Both 4 inflation and 1 inflation, you can choose the middle led light and the leg frame with led light bar. you can choose the one as you need.
One-time inflatable EVENT tent
1 inflation, it will be with 4 pcs connectors
For this kind structure, you only need to inflate 1 time from 1 leg. it is also very easy and fast to set up it. 

A million possibilities - LED light optional

inflatable Event tent

LED System Optional , Shining in the night sky
Make your brand outstanding in the crowd and eye-catching with LED system.
More details,please click here.

Whatever the day or night, your event place is amazing!
The extraordinary range of CATC products are perfectly combinable and creating a functional and visual unit.
The tent creates the room, the counter is the ideal presentation display and the sitting tube invites to take a seat. In sum, the perfect Set to display and highlight your creative and individual design.

The material of Inflatable Promotional Tents

We use the highest quality for our Inflatable Promotional Tents serials to control our quality all the time.
Inflatable EVENT tent material400D Dacron
For the roof and sidewall Fabric,it is with Fire-retardant, water-proof.
Inflatable EVENT tent fabric250D Dacron
For the leg frame Fabric,it is with Fire-retardant, water-proof.
Inflatable EVENT tent linerTPU bladder
For the inside of the leg cover, it is very envrioment materail.
Inflatable EVENT tent pvcPVC Dacron
Bottom of the leg frame, to keep the tent durable.

The stock color of Inflatable Promotional Tents - for you choose with no printing cost

For the 250D , PVC bottom and 400 D dacron, we have some color in stock.
Available colors for inflatable event tents

The printing method - Full dye sublimation print (we also call heat transfer printing)

  • Dye Sublimation offers high-quality printing that is ideal for fully customized pop-up tents and canopies. The greatest benefit of using this style is that it offers high-resolution printing using non-toxic sublimation ink which results in bright, vivid colors giving your end product a phenomenal look. However, the textile must be polyester in white color to guarantee ultimate printing results. 
  • One of the greatest reasons for using digital dye sub is that the ink is directly absorbed onto the textile. There is no delayed time in drying the ink which is ideal for a faster production items.
  • All About the Inks: Dye Sublimation Ink – A water-based ink that made up of solid color dye particles that are grounded into a powder which is later turned into a liquid. Sublimation inks do not produce as many toxins as regular solvent inks, however they are relatively higher in price. Since sublimation inks are transparent, they are limited to only white or light colored materials. They react well to polyesters; however they do not work well on pure cotton or non-porous surfaces.
  • Process: To help you understand this process better, let’s begin by clarifying what Sublimation really is! Sublimation refers to the transition from a solid state into a gaseous state without going through a liquid phase.


The Production Procedures of Inflatable Promotional Tents

It shows how many steps for a Inflatable Promotional Tents to produce ok. In here, it shows us only for some important steps, more and more other steps are needed in whole procedures!

Inflatable event tent production process

All advantages for Inflatable Promotional Tents

There are some advanges for Inflatable Promotional Tents, which are important for your business or for using. we can follow your idea, and creat more you need, just contact me!

Advantages of inflatable EVENT tents

Inflatable Promotional Tents size

  • Each tent can be fitted with appropriate accessories.Including transport bag, hand pump,ropes and stake.
  • You can choose with walls , awning or not as you need.
3M*3M Inflatable EVENT tent
4M*4M Inflatable EVENT tent
5M*5M Inflatable EVENT tent
6M*6M Inflatable EVENT tent
7M*7M Inflatable EVENT tent
8M*8M Inflatable EVENT tent

Product Package size                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Size (m)/ weight(kg)     3*3m 4*4m   5*5m    6m*6m  7m*7m 8m*8m
leg frame/canopy (1set) 12 15 22 27 44 52
canopy (1 pc) 3 4 6 7 9 10
side wall (1pc) 1.5 1.8 2.2 3.7 4.3 5.2
window wall (1 pc) 2 2.5 3.1 4.1 5.2 6.1
door wall  (1 pc) 1.6 1.9 2.4 3.1 4.5 5.4
Awning  3.5 3.9 5.9 6.5 7.5 8.4
hand pump 0.75
Eletric pump 1.8
Carry bag 8          
Sand bag 1.5 1.7 1.9 2.3 2.4 3
Accessory 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.7 2.2 2.6
Total weight(KG)   Choose the quantity for the parts you need and add together


Inflatable event tent zipper
Top zipper brand YKK zipper 
The quality of the zipper is directly related to the life of the tent.YKK brand heavy-duty zippers make it easy to attach or remove optional Components as desired
Inflatable event tent bottom details
Wear-resistant pieces 
The bottom of tent leg protection is very important,Wear-resistant pieces can increase the life of the tent.Any venue or environment can be competent。
Inflatable event tent bottom details
D-ring on the frame
Reinforced anchoring system for securing your tent on different terrains.
Inflatable event tent sewing details
Zigzag sewing
The legs with zig zag sewing line.After this we also need to straight sewing and reinforcement, to keep the tent legs strong
Inflatable event tent sewing details
Ring pulls
It can help you to hand something you need when we use is a very humanization service
Inflatable event tent inflation valve
Inflate / Deflate valve
Fast Inflating valve system with unidirectional air flow for fast set up. Then it will be very easy and convenient. the position is on the bottom of leg.
Inflatable event tent inflation valve and safety valve
Overpressure valve
The valve system will automatically release excess air when the optimum pressure is reached. the postion is on the bottom of leg too.
Fixed valve for inflatable event tent
Fixed valve
As an important part of fixing TPU bladder and frame cover/. this part can keep the leg cover and TPU bladder don't move the position