Inflatable tents

Inflatable tents

Each shape of inflatable tent has a unique set of features and benefits that allow you to choose the perfect tent product for your requirements. Combining expertise and experience, we are proud of the quality of craftsmanship in each inflatable tent, and we are confident to offer the widest range of cost-effective high specification inflatable tents on the market. All these inflatable tents offer modern sports products that exceed our expectations. Designed to give your brand the right exposure, the Air Custom Inflatable Tent is sure to leave a lasting impression at any event.

Advertising Inflatable tent

Model: CX-4x6

Size(m):   4*6m

Delivery time: 5~7 days


Inflatable Medical tent

Size(m):  4*4m / 5*5m 

Materials:  400D Dacron /  TPU bladder /  0.45mm PVC  tarpaulin
MOQ:   1 SET
Warranty: 1 year

Inflatable event tent

Model: CX-3/4/5/6/7/8

Size(m):   3*3m /4*4m / 5*5m / 6*6m / 7*7m / 8*8m

Delivery time: 5~7 days

Inflatable Promotional Tent

Model: CY-3/4

Size(m):   3*3m /4*4m

Delivery time: 5~7 days

Materials:  Dacron /  TPU bladder /  0.45mm PVC  tarpaulin
MOQ:   1 SET

Parking: Simple fabric inside /  Carton box outside

Inflatable gazebo tent

Model: CV-4/5/6

Size(m):   4*4m / 5*5m / 6*6m 

Delivery time: 7~10 days

Inflatable Spider Tent

Model: CS-4//6//8/10

Size(m):   4*4m /  6*6m /  8*8m / 10*10m

Delivery time: 10~15 days

Inflatable Camping tent

Model: CC-Campling tent

Size(m):  2mx2.1m

Delivery time: 5~7 days

Inflatable tunnel tent

Model: CN-3/4/5

Size(m):   3*3m /4*4m / 5*5m

Delivery time: 15 days

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